Final Portfolio Project

Process/Message/Audience: This was a fun project for me, because most of the work was already done. I gathered all of my projects and put them each in a slide. I wanted to do something different with the background, so I came up with a blue and gold color and used the gradient and transparency tools to blend the colors together. This took me a while to figure out how to blend them. At first I thought it would be neat to match to background colors to the projects, but then I realized there wasn’t much continuity to the slides, so I changed the lower right part of each slide to blue and the upper left slide to match a color from the project. I think it turned out well and connected the slides together. This is an employment portfolio, so my audience will be any potential employers who want to see what I can do and what I have learned. I think it turned out really well.

Critique: On Wednesday afternoon I received some feedback from Jessica Ashton, Susan Ruske and Kayce Benzon, through our class Facebook page. Jessica suggested that I make sure that my text was aligned with my pictures somehow, so I went through all my slides and did that. Then I received feedback from my instructor, Sister Peterson on Wednesday night through her weekly video critiques. She made several suggestions. I aligned all my text with the pictures; I made sure that there was only one project per slide; I used the transparency tool and toned down some of the background colors; I made sure all my typography was uniform and one color; and on the last slide, I moved my text boxes so they were a little off center. I hope you enjoy it!



  1. It was fun to click through your project and see all of the work you’ve done this semester. I was pleasantly surprised to see a gradient that changed to match each work on individual slides. That was a nice touch. Very nice work!


  2. Lynn, I really liked how each slide’s background matched the project but still gave an overall unity to your portfolio. You did a great job and the feel is very uplifting and fresh. I enjoyed being able to see all of your work from this semester.


  3. I enjoyed looking through your presentation it’s appealing and loved how you did a gradient background matching your colors for each project. Turn out really nice.


  4. You made note on my blog that we both did similar things with our backgrounds. It’s fun to see how we both had a similar idea, but executed it a bid differently. Good job on your project, it’s been fun.


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